Administrative formalities

Customs and immigration formalities are mandatory during your cruise.
Valid passports are obligatory as soon as you leave French waters

Before leaving, ensure that you all have your ID with you.

An Identity Card is enough for EU residents as long as you do not navigate beyond Martinique, customs and immigration formalities being carried out on your arrival at the airport. Parental authorisation for minors to leave the country may be required.

On the other hand, as soon as you leave French waters during your cruise, a valid passport is required and customs and immigration have to be cleared at arrival to and departure from each island or archipelago that you visit. 

A valid passport is required for all other citizens.

When the time comes for you to leave Martinique, you must undergo clearance at the harbour master's office and a copy of this must be provided to A&C Yacht Charter.
New: you can pre-fill your clearance document online and go to the Harbour Master's Office to collect your validated clearance.

Procedures to be followed

At each new island or archipelago, you must follow a strict procedure. You have 48 hours to carry out arrival formalities at customs and immigration. Watch out though, as it is forbidden to set foot on dry land if this entry procedure has not been carried out.

As soon as you arrive at your anchorage, hoist the yellow flag (the 'Q' flag) in the shrouds on the starboard side of the mast. Only the skipper is allowed to disembark and carry out clearance procedures. You must not forget the boat's papers, valid passports for each passenger and crew member, several copies of the passenger list (outside French territory), your previous clearance document and a means of payment...

Costs vary depending on the island, the boat, the number of passengers, the day and the time of these formalities...

They can take more or less time depending on where you are...

A pre-entry declaration service exists online is increasingly required on the site:: sailclear.

As soon as clearance has been carried out, you may lower the yellow flag and replace it with the flag of the island you are visiting.

New: Saint Lucia offers an online immigration service: