Frequently asked questions

A question about your cruise in the Caribbean? Maybe you will find the answer here...

Can we leave the same night we arrive?

Generally, your flight arrives in the late afternoon. After a long trip and jet lag, it is preferable that the ckeck in is donde the next morning.

If you are already on spot, the boarding is scheduled from 5pm, if we cannot do it earlier, it will leave you just enough time to do your inventory before the night, we will also do the handover the next morning because we cannot do a check in at night.

How does the handover work?

Once your inventory is done, we go around the boat together to note the different points and see together the particularities. Take the opportunity to ask us all the questions ...

Do I need a license to rent a sailboat ?

In France, we do not have a sailing license, unlike most countries (especially in the Mediterranean). However, if you lack nautical experience, but wish to enjoy a cruise on a sailboat, we advise you to use the services of a professional skipper.

I have to cancel my cruise, what happens?

Here is what your charter contract says: "The renter can cancel the present contract by paying the following amounts: 50% of the rental amount for a cancellation more than 1 month before boarding, 100% of the rental amount for any cancellation less than one month before departure.

However, there are cancellation insurances, sometimes included in your bank contract if you pay the rental by credit card (check with your bank) or that you can subscribe to with specialized insurers like with one of our partners Ouest Assurances or Pantaenius

What type of boat should I choose for my cruise ?

It all depends on the type of cruise you want to take: a low cost cruise, in small groups or for sailing enthusiasts will favor a monohull, while a cruise with friends, with a need for wide open spaces will favor a multihull. Come and read the article where we discuss the choice between a sailing boat and a catamaran.

Are rentals only from Saturday to Saturday?

Not at all, as we recommend cruises of 10 - 12 days, embarkations and/or disembarkations can be made on any day depending on availability.

What additional costs are to be expected?

Apart from the fixed costs of the rental and the bedding package, there are variable costs to foresee:

  • Your provisioning (food and drinks)
  • Your fuel consumption, which will depend on your route, your use of the sails, your energy consumption, ...
  • The customs and immigration taxes according to your route, which vary according to the model of boat, the crew, the day and the hour when the formalities are done...

I am sensitive to seasickness, what are the tips?

There are 4 things to avoid

  • Fatigue : leave rested, after a good night sleep
  • Cold : even if it is hot in the West Indies, a navigation is inevitably in a humid and sometimes windy atmosphere, do not hesitate to cover yourself.
  • Hunger : do not leave on an empty stomach, a snack is essential before setting sail. 
  • Fear : do not be afraid to go to sea, think rather of enjoying yourself, looking for dolphins and looking at the horizon...