You'd like to make a booking? Just follow this guide...

You've decided to set sail under the Caribbean sun and we are here to help you with your adventure
Martinique, setting sun over the Rocher du Diamant


To start with, please don't hesitate to ask us for a quote via our online form. We can advise you on the boat model that is best suited to your crew.

You can also contact us by email: or by telephone: +339 62 665 681(from abroad) or 09 62 665 681 (from France).


Once your boat and holiday dates have been chosen, you can pencil in a booking that will remain available to you for several days.

We will send you the rental contract with the terms and conditions straightaway so that you will have all the information necessary at your finger tips and will be able to book your idyllic holiday.


Your booking will be confirmed upon reception of your down payment and the signed contract, within the agreed period.

Following this, we ask you to provide us with a full list of your crew, (make sure you check that everyone has a valid passport), your skipper's nautical cv and a copy of his or her ID.

Prices and dates

The cost of your rental is in euros, and includes the boat with her basic equipment, a fully comprehensive insurance cover and a mooring place for the first and last nights.

The first deposit to be paid is 50%, for a departure that is over one month from the booking date. After that, the balance is to be paid one month before embarkation. (If you would prefer intermediary down-payments, please don't hesitate to contact our sales team, who will be only too happy to help.)

For bookings made less than a month before the departure date, the total cost of the rental is to be paid upon confirmation.

Deposit and insurance excess

The deposit is a guarantee for the eventuality where the client might have a problem during the rental period. The purpose of this is to cover any damage costs that might be caused by the crew. The amount (equivalent to the insurance excess) is variable depending on the boat model and is indicated in the rental contract.

The deposit is made using a pre-authorisation on a credit card, which is destroyed at the end of your rental period, within one month maximum, as long as everything has gone as planned! Reminder: it may be necessary to inform your bank of this arrangement, even though the sum is not debited from your account. Please contact your bank before setting sail...

The insurance excess allows you to reduce the amount debited in the case of damage caused by the crew. By signing up to an insurance excess, you are reducing your risks.
To set this up, you can get in touch with one of our insurance partners: Ouest Assurances Plaisance or Pantaenius.

Cancellation Insurance

You are legally entitled to sign up for a cancellation insurance with Ouest Assurance Plaisance.