Weather forecast and climate

The West Indies benefit from a tropical climate and the weather is hot all year round. The average air temperature is between 26°-28°C and the sea temperature is the same.
The blue sky of the West Indies, almost all year round

The best period to sail in the tropics is between December and May.
The tradewinds - coming from the Atlantic - are well established, which, as well as acting as good following winds, also allow you to have some great sails between the islands.

June and November are also very pleasant months in the Caribbean. From 15 June to 30 November the geographical area allowed by insurance is from 15° North to 10° South. There is more space for anchorage but the wind can be a bit changeable and weaker.

It is also possible to sail during the cyclone season, there are some beautiful weeks with calm weather but you need to be extremely vigilant with regard to possible weather fronts forming in the Atlantic Ocean...

We recommend that you regularly check the following internet sites during your cruise:

  • Météo France West Indies and Guyana, for marine updates and weather warnings
  • Cotweb for satellite maps and following weather fronts from the NHC (National Hurricane Centre)
  • SXM Cyclone for hurricane forecasts

On board, we advise you to turn on your VHF (radio) and to tune in to channel 16, where you will be able to hear several forecasts each day.

On land, the harbour masters or port offices will certainly put up daily forecasts on their noticeboards.

Finally, keep your ears open at each anchorage: a neighbouring boat can often tell you about a coming change in the weather.

Watch out! Always remember to check the weather forecast before casting off and leaving each anchorage, even if it's just for a short sail! This is a guarantee for the safety of your crew and passengers.