What to pack in your suitcase

Here's some advice on what to bring - you'll soon be here!
A soft bag for your Caribbean cruise

You can't wait to leave and soak up the tropical sunshine....get your soft bags out of the cupboard, they are easier to stow away on board, much better than hard cases.

To make the most of your Caribbean cruise, make sure you have thought of everything.

Sunshine is predominant throughout our islands, so remember to bring:

  • Your Sun block UVA-UVB (minimum factor 30)
  • Your cap or sun hat (preferably with a strap, so that it isn't blown away during your navigation)
  • Your sunglasses
  • Your flaps, mask and snokel
  • Your anti-UV lycra swimming gear, particularly for children and those with a pale skin
  • Light-weight clothing: shorts, dresses, beach wraparounds...there's no point in bringing too much....
  • Your swimming costumes and beach towels
  • 1 reasonably smart outfit for the skipper as wearing shorts and flip flops can sometimes result in being turned away at the customs office...
  • A pair of sensible, closed shoes, for walking and outings on land
  • waterproof anorak (- not too warm though)

For your leisure time, remember to bring:

  • Your camera
  • A mini waterproof camera
  • Armbands for the children
  • Your music playlist on a USB key
  • A few books, magasines or a kindle
  • Some games or colouring crayons (feltpens are not allowed, to protect the upholstery) to keep the kids happy during navigation...

For a little extra comfort, you can bring:

  • A small pocket torch or forehead torch (ideally a dynamo version or rechargeable via a USB hub)
  • A USB hub with a cigar lighter adapter at one end
  • A universal adapter 220 V . 110 V
  • A small first-aid travel kit (in addition to that found on board), easy to carry
  • Your own leads for recharging tablets or mobile phones
  • A mosquite repellant for evenings on land.