Services we offer to make your holidays easier

A&C Yacht Charter is at your disposal to advise, guide and help you turn your cruise holiday into... a dream holiday!
Carriacou beach, Grenada in The Grenadines

So that you can spend an amazing holiday on board your sailing boat, we offer a variety of optional services which will help make the Caribbean seas run smoothly!

To make your arrival easier:

  • We can organise your airport transfer to the marina at Le Marin, whatever your arrival time
  • We can help you obtain your on board provisions: we have agreements in place with marine provisions suppliers and they can deliver your order directly to your sailing boat before embarkation

For your on board comfort, don't hesitate to ask for:

(on top of what is already included)
  • extra sheets (as an optional extra)
  • a professional skipper (as an optional extra) to guide you and find you the best anchorages. Reminder: when a boat is rented with a skipper, he or she acts as an advisor. The client remains solely responsible for the boat

For even greater on board comfort we can offer:

  • sets of flippers, masks and snorkels (included in the rental but depending on availability)
  • paddles (as an optional extra)
  • kayaks (as an optional extra)

Make sure you book in advance to ensure these services and equipment are available.

    Extra costs to budget for and no unpleasant surprises:

    * Obligatory cleaning fee: with your comfort in mind, we pay particular attention to the cleanliness of our sailing boats. A cleaning team comes in after each rental period to clean the interior of the boat. This fee is obligatory, its amount is variable depending on the boat model and is noted down in your rental contract. Reminder: as good sailors, at the end of your cruise you are expected to do the washing up, clean the shower rooms and toilets, empty the bins...

    * Diesel costs will be payable directly to the gas station. Your boat will be handed over to you with a full tank of diesel. Diesel costs during your cruise are for you to pay and you must, at the end of your holiday, bring the boat back to the jetty at Le Marin with a full tank.

    At the time of disembarkation, if you haven't been able or have simply omitted to fill up the tank with diesel, a fee of 150 € on top of the estimated cost of a full tank (tank plus petrol container) will be charged to you.

    * Petrol for the dinghy: your sailing boat is supplied with a dinghy, whose outboard engine runs on petrol. A container full of petrol is provided at embarkation. It is obligatory to return it full of petrol on your return.

    * Anchorage costs and customs and immigration taxes are variable according to which cruise is taken...

    Good to know:

    There is no internet access on board. You can, however, connect up on the islands in a cyber café or use a wifi network. But this might just be the moment to disconnect and make the most of your Caribbean cruise!

    On the technical side, any professional intervention during your rental and as a result of an error or mistake of yours remain solely at your expense. These will be billed to you directly by the professionals concerned. It is important to warn us beforehand though, as we can advise you on trustworthy and reliable technicians.

    If you are planning a return to the quay at Le Marin outside of your first or last nights (which are included in your rental), we can book you a place at the marina. In this case, you will need to settle up directly at the harbour master's office.