Îlets du Robert

Access to the îlet Madame, Martinique
Îlet Madame in Martinique
Îlet Chancel in Martinique
Iguana on the îlet Chancel, Martinique
Le Trapèze, îlets du Robert, Martinique
Hummingbird on the îlet Madame, îlets du Robert, Martinique
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The site of the Ilets du Robert is a small protected archipelago consisting of 10 uninhabited islets surrounded by coral reefs.

The largest of the islets is the Ilet Chancel, where there are simply hundreds of iguanas, you really can't miss them!
On this private islet, only partially accessible to the public, you can also see the ruins of a sugar plantation and a lime oven, as well as a magnificent cursed fig tree.

The most visited of these islets is Ilet Madame, with its sandy cove which offers a magnificent place to swim in the turquoise waters
Several carbets (wooden shelters) on this shady islet enable you to have a picnic there.