Diamond Beach in Martinique
Diamond Rock at sunset
Côte au vent de Sainte Anne, Martinique
The windward coast of Martinique
Pelée Mountain, on the Caribbean coast of Martinique
Îlet Madame, on the Atlantic coast of Martinique

Cruise around Martinique

This cruise will enable you to discover the island of Martinique, known as 'The Isle of Flowers', as well as other nearby idyllic sites.

You long to sail beneath the Caribbean sun, stretch out on the sandy beaches, swim amongst tropical fish, bathe in turquoise waters or relax beneath coconut palms...all of this is possible and without lengthy navigating or customs formalities either .... so this is the cruise for you!

The itinerary can vary according to the number of days you wish to sail for and the weather forecast, but here is a glimpse of what a 10-day cruise would look like.

Day 0

You land at Fort-de-France and the sudden change in temperature puts you straight in the holiday mood!

Be patient while your cases come through and you will soon be at the marina in Le Marin, where your sailing boat is waiting for you for your first night aboard.

Day 1

You get up early due to the time difference, and make the most of things by getting the inventory done, (we have left it for you on board). We will arrive later to deal with the handover formalities.

Then you are ready for departure, it's time to pull anchor and head for a mooring at Sainte-Anne
You make the most of this sheltered bay for your first swim.
Here you can see sea turtles, which love to feed off the numerous sea-grass beds.

Take advantage of the pontoon to go ashore and try the local punch, accompanied by the well-known Caribbean 'accras' (cod fritters)!

Day 2

At daybreak, you lift anchor and head for the Atlantic coast of Martinique, passing the famous Salines beach, then heading into the Atlantic swell. You need to take care when navigating along this coast: between the shallow waters and the fishing pots you need to be extra vigilant.

You sail in front of the Devil's Table and enter the Baie des Anglais
Access to this mooring is to be avoided during high winds and high seas. If weather conditions allow, you can tie up for a very pleasant moment in this protected site: swimming, snorkelling, rest ...

Afterwards, taking the Vauclin pass and following the signs carefully, you leave for about an hour's sail for the cul-de-sac of Petite Grenade.
This magnificent mooring spot, whose access is very narrow, enables you to spend a most calm and relaxing night.

Day 3

You set off at daybreak for the Ilets du François.

If your boat's draft allows it, you can moor up between Ilet Thierry and Ilet Oscar and can take advantage of the famouse 'Josephine's Bath'.
You are the first to get to this unique and wonderful spot, where the water is shallow and crystal clear.

You leave before other visitors arrive and continue on your way up to the North of Martinique, to spend the end of the day in the Baie du Robert.
Here you can plan the following day's visits to the islets.
To take full advantage of this moment and to be in complete security, it is best to be guided by a local skipper with a motor boat, for instance, so there are no worries about passing through shallow waters ...

Day 4

Today's plan is an excursion to the Ilets du Robert.

Go looking for iguanas on the Ilet Chancel, take a photo or two of the cursed fig tree, or explore the ruins of old dwellings.

Have a glass of the local punch in the Trapeze area, where the water is very shallow and as clear as glass, yet another magical spot!
Next, you visit the Ilet Madame, where you can picnic under the carbets, have a swim, take a stroll ...
Finally, you have a short stop-over on the Ilet Loup-Garou, only accessible when the sea is calm, a small bank of sand with 2 coconut palms as its only inhabitants. (Access is controlled and even forbidden during the last 4 months of the year).

After this memorable day, you lift anchor to continue your way and you finally tie up in the Baie du Trésor.

Day 5

Sunrise over the Baie du Trésor is magical, it reveals a sheltered, quiet yet wild spot, at the foot of the Caravelle peninsula.
The perfect moment for a swim in the calm waters.

Next, the day's sail will take you around the Caravelle Peninsula, to rejoin the peaceful mooring in the Havre de Trinité, about 2 hours sail away, where you will spend the night.

Day 6

A great day's sail awaits you today!

You will sail along the lush north coast of Martinique!
You will go along the canal separating Martinique and Dominica, blown along by the tradewinds.
You will pass in front of the magnificent Couleuvre Cove and Céron Cove then will sail into the Bay of Saint-Pierre after around 5-6 hours sailing.
You are now sheltered from the wind, in the Caribbean Sea, where a magnificent range of blues will be unveiled.

With the large beach and its village steeped in history, the town of Saint-Pierre, nestled at the foot of the Mount Pelée volcano, awaits you.

Day 7

You make the most of this morning to fill up on fresh fruit and vegetables from the pretty market at Saint-Pierre and to explore this magnificent town, still bearing traces of the latest volcanic eruption of Mount Pelée.

Afterwards, you raise anchor and sail up the leeward coast for Cape Salomon.

Keep your eyes peeled, as the chances are that you will come across dolphins, who love to play in these waters.

You arrive in a superb little bay called Anse Noire.

Day 8

You will fall under the spell of the small creek of Anse Noire! Snorkels, masks and flippers on for a superb dive to explore the huge variety of flora and fauna to be found on the coast of Martinique.

You can also hire a kayak and explore the neighbouring cove, which is totally different: Anse Dufour.

During the afternoon, you lift anchor to continue on down the coast and spend the night at Petite Anse d'Arlet. You arrive during daylight hours in order to avoid the numerous fishing pots that can be problematic to avoid!

Day 9

After a quick swim, you set sail again for the south of the island. The sailing enthusiasts amongst your party can have fun tacking, otherwise the engine will have to be put to work.

You will pass the famous Diamond Rock, being careful along the way of the numerous fishing pots in this area. Then you will head for Sainte-Anne, for your final night at sea.

Day 10

After this wonderful exploration of Martinique by boat, it's time to return to port.

Once the debriefing is over, you make the most of this final day to go souvenir shopping, send postcards and start to plan your next cruise around the Caribbean with us ...