Dolphins playing around the sailing boat, Martinique
Pelée Mountain, Martinique
Marie Galante beach in the Guadeloupe archipelago
Sunset over Les Saintes, Guadeloupe
The magnificent scenery of Dominica
Distillerie à Marie Galante, archipel de GUadeloupe

Sailing fom Martinique to Guadeloupe

Discover the beauty of the French West Indies, sailing between idyllic islands with some truly exceptional scenery

This cruise between the islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe is an original way of visiting numerous Caribbean sites, (airlines enabling you to take off / land from either one or the other of these French Caribbean islands). If you rent your sailing boat for 2 weeks you can also return the boat from your departure point in Martinique.

We recommend a trip of around 10 days just as an example. Sail from island to island from Martinique to Guadeloupe via Dominica, Les Saintes, Marie Galante, where sublime scenery awaits you.

You will land at Lamentin airport on Martinique and will soon be at Le Marin, where your sailing boat is ready and waiting ...

Day 1

Having carried out the final customs and immigration formalities, you lift anchor and set sail for ... exotic lands!

You leave behind the marina at Le Marin and sail past Sainte-Anne, Diamond Rock and head for les Anses d'Arlet. After a 3-hour sail you drop anchor at either Grande-Anse or Petite Anse, where a swim is top of the list. Don't forget your snorkelling mask so that you can admire the numerous tropical fish and turtles that live in the underwater depths ... your dream holiday is just beginning!

Day 2

You lift anchor at dawn and head in the direction of the town of Saint-Pierre. Sail along the coast with the Martinique wind behind you, accompanied by flying fish, frigates and other birds, and you might even be lucky enough to spot dolphins coming to play under the stern of your sailing boat.

After around 4 hours sailing, you arrive in the bay of Saint-Pierre, at the foot of Mount Pelée. Spend the evening in this charming village full of history, (you can carry out your exit clearance here if you haven't already done so).

Day 3

At daybreak, hoist your sails and cross the Dominica Canal, about a 4-hour sail, and arrive in a sea that is a little rougher than when you were on the leeward side of Martinique. If the sky is clear you will espy your next stopover all the way from Martinique.

As you approach Dominica, you will marvel at the lush green vegetation on the island. Head along past small creeks, each one containing a wealth of underwater treasures, until you get the the town of Roseau where you drop anchor. Carry out your entry clearance here and take a look around the village and its colourful fruit and spice market.

Day 4

Make the most of this day to visit the magnificent Island of Dominica, its waterfalls, hot water springs, hiking routes, lush forests, underwater diving sites, excursions to look for whales ... an unforgettable day that you can organise according to your preferences.

Lift anchor and head for the north of the island and sail for about 2 hours across a calm sea on the leeward side of the island until you arrive in the wide Portsmouth Bay before nightfall.

Day 5

At Portsmouth you can take a small fishing boat and head up the Indian River, a totally stunning trip. Make the most of this natural and tropical isle by stocking up on fruit for the next few days of your cruise.

Then hoist sails for about a 3-hour navigation to get to the heavenly archipelago of Les Saintes, which is composed of 7 islets, the main ones being Terre de Haut and Terre de Bas.

Day 6

Once you have carried out your entry clearance (if you didn't have the time to do this the previous evening), it is well worth taking the time to visit the magnificent diving site here, to marvel at the underwater views available around the archipelago at Saintes.

On land there are superb views over the archipelago once you have climbed uphill a little. Or head for Pompierre beach on the islet of Terre de Haut for a swim in this most idyllic setting.

Days 7 + 8

If there is a good wind then you can head east for a 4-hour sail to the small island of Marie-Galante, a little corner of paradise which has been the inspiration of numerous artists.

This is a very natural and unspoilt island so take the time to look around and discover its majestic sites, magnificent beaches, its fields of sugar cane plantations, meet some of the locals who live off the land and who are sure of giving you a warm welcome.

On Marie Galante, you take time over just living a little ...

Day 9

It is time to head back to the main island of Guadeloupe while making the most of a beautiful final navigation.

Have a last stopover on Gosier islet just before arriving, where you can see this natural and protected site and admire the pelicans, iguanas and other local animal species.

Moor up at the marina at Bas-du-Fort in Guadeloupe, and carry out your clearance formalities at the harbourmaster's office.

Day 10

Once you have packed and tidied up the boat and filled her up with fuel, you will check the inventory with our local representative.

You will certainly leave with a heavy heart, but full of beautiful memories and images and make the most of this final day by spending it on the beach in Guadeloupe or by organising your next cruise with us at the restaurant in the marina ...