Les Pitons de Sainte Lucie
Dolphins are found in Martinique or in the Saint Lucia canal
A tropical flower
Anse Figuier en Martinique
Bourg des Anses d'Arlets vu du mouillage, Martinique
Diamond Rock, Martinique
Piton de la Soufriere, Sainte Lucie

Cruise around Martinique and Saint Lucia

If you are looking for a dream holiday week with short sails between stopovers, then this is the cruise for you!

Spend a week navigating between the islands of Martinique and Saint Lucia.

Hoist the sails for a cruise with short sails where you can make the most of the fine, sandy beaches, swimming in turquoise seas and exploring creole villages.

There are different route and stopover possibilities with this cruise so here is just an example of an itinerary with a departure from Le Marin in Martinique.

After the airport - marina transfer, you can unpack and settle in to your sailing boat for your first night aboard.

Day 1

Once Clearance formalities have been carried out and the boat has been handed over, you will set sail for Saint Lucia.

Going through the canal takes between 3 and 4 hours and you can take advantage of this part of your journey by admiring the different bird life that will follow you: northern gannets, frigates, white tailed tropicbirds ...

You could drop a fishing line to trail behind your boat to tempt king mackerel, tuna or sea bream.

Keep your eyes peeled ... you could see dolphins, sperm whales, sea dolphins and other types of whale are often there ...

You arrive at the pretty Rodney Bay, where you can take a first swim in the waters around your boat while the skipper carries out entry clearance at the marina.

Day 2

After a first night at anchor, you head off for the cape at the southern tip of the island.

Sail along the edge of Saint Lucia and explore the numerous creeks that intersperse the leeward coastline.

After about 4 hours of sailing, you will arrive in the Bay of Soufrière where you will tie up to a mooring point.
Here, you can go snorkelling, take a stroll on land, go for a longer walk ... there is something for everyone!

Day 3

Once you have taken your fill of the majestic site of the Two Pitons, you will head along the coast to Marigot Bay.

This charming creek is picture-postcard material! Take a swim in the clear waters but also look round the shops, bars and restaurants with a very pleasant evening ahead of you.

Day 4

When you leave Saint Lucia you will head for Martinique. The currents will carry you as far as the Anses d'Arlet where two possible anchorages await you: Petite Anse or Grande Anse.

The anchorages here are quiet and peaceful and ideal for swimming among turtles and tropical fish, lazing on the beautiful beaches or sampling the homemade coconut sorbet ... in a word, having a holiday!

Day 5

You lift anchor at dawn and head north, in search of dolphins. You will pass the vast bay of Fort-de-France and then need to be on the lookout: the tell-tale signs are flying fish or shoals of other tropical fish and sea birds which are giveaways for the locations of these dolphins, usually in the areas of Carbet, Bellefontaine and Saint Pierre ... Soak up this magnificent natural spectable, being careful not to get too close as the dolphins will come to you to play around your boat ...

After these magical moments, continue on to Saint-Pierre where you will drop anchor for the rest of the day. There is a jetty for you to disembark from your dinghy and it is well worth visiting this historic town.

Day 6

You set sail for Anses d'Arlet for a short break. As there are 2 Anses you could visit the one that you didn't see on your way out ... then continue on to Sainte-Anne.
You will sail past the famous Diamond Rock - watch out for the many crayfish pots around this site. This navigation will last the whole day, around 7-9 hours in all.

When you get to Sainte-Anne, drop anchor in the deep waters near the beaches, you can see through them so clearly that you can easily drop the anchor directly into the sand. Leave the sea-weed beds for the turtles ...

The order of the rest of the day: swimming, a stroll along the beach, a taste of the accras (cod cakes) in the village or a sip of a planteur punch or another local variety of punch ...

Day 7

You have a final swim in the clear blue waters of Sainte-Anne, or go to the village for those last few postcards to tell your friends and family all about your amazing cruise ...

Then it is time to head back to Le Marin, fill up before the gas station closes and tie up to the jetty for your last evening aboard ...

Day 8

Having packed up, tidied and checked the inventory, you need to leave the boat behind you, with a heavy heart but with your head full of happy memories!

Depending on the time of your flight home, make the most of your last day to buy souvenirs in Le Marin or, if you flight is later in the evening, we can help you organise a day of visits on the island ... and we'll be hoping to see you again very soon for another cruise with us!