Rodney Bay

Rodney Bay on Saint Lucia
Grégoire, the floating fruit and vegetable vendor
Fishing 'yoles' at the entrance to Rodney Bay harbor
Marley, the hat specialist rasta man
Langue(s) parlée(s) dans le pays
Monnaie officielle du pays
East Caribbean dollar
Point(s) clearance

At Rodney Bay, the lush green vegetation of the Caribbean, the fragrance of the land and the sight of the northern gannets are all there to greet you. You sail in to a magnificent sheltered bay stretching from the promontory of Pigeon Island to the Fourreur Rock. You can drop anchor here in the 5-meter deep water and allow yourself a well-deserved swim after coming through the canal.

In the middle of the bay you will see the entrance to the marina, well hidden by the winding lagoon. Its narrow entry is a bit overwhelming but it is deep and well indicated. You will need to get your clearance and immigration formalities carried out on the first floor of the blue buildings, near the harbour master's office. You can do your entry and exit formalities at the same time if you are staying on the island for under 48 hours.

Make the most of the welcoming marina by taking a stroll around. You could also walk as far as the ruins of Fort Rodney, which are at the far point of Pigeon Island.

Maybe you would like to try some of the colourful fresh fruit on offer... Hang on and wait for the Grégoire to drop anchor, with its mouth-watering cargo!

If you happen to be there on a Friday, it's the well-known local fête known as 'Friday Night'. The Saint Lucians will welcome you with their grilled food and the town will be filled with the tempting smells of good cooking and with the throb of the bass speakers all through the village of Gros-islet.

Immerse yourself in the Creole traditions...