Waouw - february2023

The real experience exceeded our initial expectations

When we decided to rent a catamaran for our cruise from Martinique to The Grenadines, we consulted several agencies and charter companies.

The quotation that ticked most of the boxes came for catamaran Waouw, from A&C Yacht Charter from Le Marin in Martinique.

We are happy to say now after the cruise that the real experience exceeded our initial expectations.

Waouw was very well prepared and we did not have any technical problem during all 14 days on deck. As a long time owner of a boat myself I know that it is a very rare occasion.

We were lucky to have a very experienced and skillful skipper, Mr. Adrien Dilhan who did the handover handled the ship very skillfuly and provided all the hints and advices in order to discover the best nature spots and restaurants on the route.

All the equipment starting from the navigation, through anchor and chain, to the sails and ropes were in very good condition and worked as expected. 

I would like to thank all the people I had the pleasure to meet or talk to, from Helene in the headquarters, to Vincent and his wife in the office in Le Marin for their professional service and for helping us to have an unforgettable experience.

Best Regards,